History of asia

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Subjects includes:

1900. The Boxer Rebelion in China - Foreign powers attack Peking

1922. Gandhi goes to Prison

1924. The “big one” in Japan

1932. Japan invades China

1933. Filipino women gain the right to vote

1941. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and the Pacific

1942. Singapore falls. India is offered to become a Dominion.

1945. The Atom Bomb

1945. End of the War

1947. The Communist Revolution in China

1948. Mahatma Gandhi assassinated

1948. New Constitution in China, Chiang Kai-shek president

1948. The birth of the Republic of Korea

1948. The Tokyo war crimes tribunal

1949. China becomes Communist

1951. The “First” Vietnam War

1953. The end of the Korean War

1954. The Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The end of the French-Vietnam War

1958. Mao’s collectivisation

1965. The Vietnam War

1966. The Chinese Cultural Revolution

1975. The U.S. withdraws from Vietnam. End of the War

1976. The Death of Mao Zedong

1983. China reforms the economy but retains socialism

1983. Kim Il Sung, the president-god

1984. The Assassination of Indira Gandhi

1984. The Sino-British agreement on Hong Kong

1984. China rejects Marxismt.

1986. The revolution against Marcos in the Philippines

1988. The Seoul Olympics

1989. The Death of emperor Hiro-Hito

1989. The massacre at Tiananmen

1990. The enthronement of the Emperor of Japan

1992. Disturbances in Bangkok

1994. The death of Kim Il Sung

1997. Big earthquake in Kansai

1997. The death of China’s Deng Xiaoping

1997. Hong Kong is returned to China

1998. The Nagano Olympics

1998. Indonesia’s Suharto resigns

1999. East Timor votes for Independence

1999. Macau returns to China

2000. The First Summit between North and South Korea in 50 years

2002. Terrorist bomb in Bali

2003. The Sars epidemic

2003. First Chinese man in space