AVIATION. Space exploration

Subjects includes:

1901. Santos Dumont and his experiments in air navigation
1906-1909. The early days of aviation
1909. The First International Flight…and the flights of W. Wright
1909-1915. The early days of aviation
1916. Airplanes in the I World War
1919. Early aviation, the NC-4
1926. The First Direct Flight Madrid-Buenos Aires
1927. The First Non-Stop flight New York-Paris.
1928. The first Zeppelin flight with passengers across the Atlantic
1930. The crash of the R101
1930. The First Non-stop flight Paris-New-York
1933. The biggest Zeppelin ever built
1935. The biggest Hydroplane
1936. The flight of the Zeppelin
1937. Zeppelin Hinderburg explodes
1959. The Space exploration
1960-1961. The Beginning of the Space Exploration
1968. The Birth of the Boeing 747
1969. The first flight of the “Concorde”
1969. Men land on the Moon
1970. Apollo XIII
1981. The First flight of the Space Shuttle
2000. A giant in the air: Airbus
2000. First Accident of the Concorde
2003. The Shuttle Columbia disintegrates
2003. Concorde last stand
2003. First Chinese man in space
2003. Last flight of Concorde