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The Golden Age of Newspapers

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Subjects includes:

1900. The Boxer Rebellion in China, Foreign powers attack Peking

1901. The death of Queen Victoria of England

1901. The assassination of President McKinley of the United States

1901. The beginning of wireless communications

1905. The Russian Revolution

1906. The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

1906-1909. The early days of aviation

1909. The First International Flight…and the flights of W. Wright

1911. The Mexican Revolution

1912. The Sinking of the Titanic

1914-1918. The First World War

1918. The End of the First World War

1918. The big flue epidemy

1919. The Treaty of Versailles

1922. Fascist revolt in Italy. Mussolini appointed Prime Minister

1926. The British General Strike

1927. The First Non-Stop flight New York-Paris

1929. The Stock Market Crash

1931. Spain becomes a Rep

1931-1933. Hitler starts his rise to power

1933. The Great Depression and its aftermath

1933. The end of Prohibition in the United States

1937. Zeppelin Hinderburg explodes

1939-1945. The Second World War

1946. Italy becomes a Republic

1946. The Nurenberg trials

1947. The Communist Revolution in China

1948. Mahatma Gandhi assassinated

1956. The anticommunist uprising in Budapest

1957. The Establishment of the European Common Market

1958. The crisis in Algeria

1959. The Cuban Revolution

1959. The Space exploration

1961. The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba

1961. The Cold War : The Building of the Berlin Wall

1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis

1963. The Assassination of President Kennedy

1965-1975. The Vietnam War







1968. May 1968 in Paris

1968. The Soviet occupation of Tchekoslovakia

1969. Men land on the Moon

1972. The troubles in Northern Ireland

1973. The Coup d’Etat of Pinochet against Allende in Chile

1975. The Death of Franco, Juan Carlos becomes king of Spain.

1981. The First flight of the Space Shuttle

1982. The Falklands war

1986. US attacks Libya

1987. The Stock Market Crash of 1987

1989. The massacre at Tiananmen

1989. The Fall of the Berlin Wall - The End of the Cold War

1990. The end of Margaret Thatcher’s reign

1991. The Gulf War

1991. The End of the Soviet Union

1993. Rabin-Arafat accord over Middle East

1995. The assassination of Isaac Rabin

1997. Hong Kong is returned to China

1997. The tragic death of Princess Diana

1998. The birth of Europe’s single currency

1999. The war in Kosovo

2000. The Year 2000

2000. First Accident of the Concorde

2001. Terrorist attack on the United States

2001. The introduction of the euro

2002. Terrorist bomb in Bali

2003. The Shuttle Columbia desintegrates

2003. The US-Irak war

2003. The Sars epidemic

2004. Terrorist attack in Spain