Josep BoschThe Josep Bosch Collection is a privately funded project to recover, restore, preserve and exhibit historical newspapers from all over the world.
Initiated in May 1968 it now includes thousands of original newspapers in many languages.
The emphasis is to collect newspapers published in the city or country where the event took place.

The aim of this project is to bring those historic front pages back to life.

La Collection Josep Bosch appartient désormais à la Fondation Martín Bodmer, qui la conserve en sa Bibliothèque à Cologny, Genève.

The Josep Bosch Collection is now owned by the Martin Bodmer Foundation and it is housed at its Library in Cologny, Geneva, Switzerland.

La Colección Josep Bosch es ahora propiedad de la Fundación Martin Bodmer que la alberga en su Biblioteca de Cologny, Ginebra.

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