"An incredible collection. Probably unique in the world"
"Medialogues" (RTS, Swiss radio) 1 November 2014

"It's the richest collection we know of"
L'Hebdo (Swiss weekly newsmagazine) - Dec. 1999

"(It consists of) original newspapers from spectacular dates"
Der Bund (Daily Newspaper, Bern (Switzerland) - 4 May 2000

"(It's) an exhibition full of treasures"
El Periodico (Daily newspapers, Barcelona-Spain)

"It's amazing what 102 front pages can do for understanding the complexities and history of the XXth Century"
El Periódico del Domingo (Sunday edition, Barcelona-Spain) - June 4 2000

"A unique testimony of the history of last century"
Diari de Girona (Daily newspaper, Girona, Spain) - July 2 2000

"What makes the collection unique is that the newspapers always originate at the city or the country where the historic event portraited in its front page took place"
EFE, Spanish News Agency - Feb 4 2002

"Bosch has managed to gather real newspaper jewels"
La Vanguardia (Barcelona, Spain) - 5 Feb 2002

"The newspaper which dies at sunset, resurrects a hundred years later"
El País (Madrid) - 14 April 2002

"A riveting exhibition"
(The Times, London, May 3, 2002) on the Madrid 2002 exhibition

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