La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 25.08.2016


Listen (in French) to 3 interviews broadcasted by RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) and Radio Cité Genève on the exhibition at the Fondation Bodmer (Geneva)

Interview on Swiss Italian TV RSI



EFE TV reports on the discovery of 600 newspapers hidden since the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and that are now part of the Josep Bosch collection. They are El Diluvio, published in Barcelona.

Special Edition of L'Hebdo (Swiss weekly magazine)
December 1999

Articles published in Catalonia Today

• Holding the front page (4-page supplement)

• The Washington Post ("Terror Hits Pentagon, World Trade Center")

• The Times, London ("Hammering down the Wall")

• The New York Times ("Men Walk on Moon")

• The Evening News, London ("The Beatles") -

• The Dallas Morning News ("Kennedy Slain on Dallas Street")

• Democracia, Buenos Aires ("¡Evita!")

• Shanghai Evening Post ("Nanking Abandoned")

• Daily Mail, London ("Russia Cuts Last Link")

• Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan ("Mahatma Gandhi a Martyr to Assassin's Bullets")

• Los Angeles Times ("Peace")

• New York Herald Tribune ("First Atomic Bomb Smashes Japanese City")

• Baltimore News-Post ("Nazi War Ends")

• Chicago Daily Times ("Berlin Falls")

• Stars and Stripes ("Hitler Dead")

• Moscow News ("Conference of Leaders (..) in Crimea")

• The Daily Telegraph, London ("Gen. De Gaulle Enters Liberated Paris")

• San Francisco Chronicle ("War! Japan Attacks U.S.")

• The Sun, Melbourne ("Germans March into Paris")

• Daily Herald, London ("War declared by Britain and France")

• Evening Standard, London ("Barcelona Falls")

• Nottingham Evening News ("The King Abdicates")

• El Diluvio ("¡¡No Pasaran!!")

• Chicago Daily Tribune ("14-Year Dry Era Ends Today")

• Chicago Daily Tribune (Paris edition) ("Hitler is Named Chancellor")

• La Vanguardia

• The Atlanta Constitution ("Billions in Stock Values Vanish (...)")

• The New York Times ("Lindbergh does it!")

• The New York Call

• The British Worker ("Great Strike Terminated")

• Boston American ("War Ends")

• Russian Daily News ("The War")

• Nashville Tennessean ("Prohibition Passes in House")

• The Times - Picayune ("War Flame Leaping over Europe")

• Le Petit Journal

Daily Graphic ("Bravo Bleriot !")

• The Daily Telegraph, St. John ("Marconi spans ocean by wireless system")

The Call, Chronicle, Examiner ("Earthquake and fire. San Francisco in ruins")

Elmira Star-Gazette ("Titanic survivors recount horrors of great disaster")

The San Francisco Call ("Allied forces rescue foreigners in Peking")

These articles were first published in Le Petit Jour, a quarterly
publication of the Association des Amis des journaux et publications

La prensa en Madrid durante la Guerra Civil (Spanish)

La presse à Madrid pendant la Guerre Civile (French)

La Batalla de Madrid (Spanish)

La bataille de Madrid (French)

Le déclenchement de la Guerre Civile Espagnole (French)

La presse quotidienne de Barcelone en 1936 (French)

La presse et la montée d'Hitler au pouvoir (French)

Conquering the airways between New York and Paris (English)

À la conquête du ciel entre New York et Paris (French)

1926: The British general strike of 1926 (English)

1926: Grève Générale en Grande Bretagne (French)

La Russie 1917: Une Révolution dans deux actes (French)

Russia 1917: A Revolution in two acts (English)

La Revolución Rusa de 1917 (Spanish)

Sarajevo Juin 1914 : l'attentat qui déchaîné la Grand Guerre (French)

Asesinato del heredero del trono de Austria. La Primera Guerra Mundial - Junio-Julio de 1914 (Spanish)

¡Bravo Blériot! (Spanish)

NOVEMBRE 1918: fin de la Première Guerre Mondiale (French)



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