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Geneva: Université de Genève. Festival d'histoire Genève.
13-16 May 2015
"Construire la paix" (Building peace)




Geneva (Cologny) Fondation Martin Bodmer
October 4th – November 2nd
L’Histoire à la une (History in the front page)

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Fondation Martin Bodmer's vice-president, André Tombet, at the opening of the exhibition.
© Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger

© Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger

© Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger

© Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger

© Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger


Madrid. Fundación Ramón Areces
May 19th to June 11th
1914: Europa en Guerra. 100 aniversario



28th Geneva Book and Press fair, Palexpo
April 30 to May 4
"Premières Lignes. La Grande Guerre a la une"




From June 25 to July 4
"History as News" (1898-2011)
At the World Trade Organization
(On the occasion of the inauguration of the new building in the Centre William Rappard)
Rue de Lausanne 154, Geneva (Switzerland)

From February 12 to March 1
"History as News" (1898-2011)
Salle des Pas Perdus
Palais des Nations (United Nations Building)
Organized jointly with ACANU (Geneva Association of United Nations Correspondents)

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Quotes from the exhibition's visitors book :

"It is a thousand times more interesting than a history textbook. So real!." (Christian Kuebel).

"No computer technology would be able to replace the feeling people have gotten while looking at these newspapers". (Yuriy Kryvonos)

"Since then, I'm definitely not looking at newspapers the same way anymore…" (Ariane Ducor)





From October 19 to November 6, 2009
"El hombre, el cielo, el universo" ("Man, the Sky, the Universe")
More than 100 years of fascinating exploration and adventure through 43 front pages of the world's press

An exhibition to illustrate the international symposium "Galileo's heirs: the frontiers of Astronomy".
Fundación Ramón Areces
28006 Madrid

Catalogue (in Spanish):


From June 9 to September 13, 2009
"Agustí Centelles, Journal d'une guerre et d'un exil,
Espagne-France, 1936-1939"

Jeu de Paume - Hôtel de Sully
62, rue de Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris

A lady looking at an historical newspaper at Jeu de Paume

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